Valve Wheel Spanners / Wrenches / Keys, are manufactured to aid the turning of valve wheels used in the petrochemical industry.                                                                                  These tools are available in the following sizes: 8" (200mm), 12" (303mm), 18" (460mm), 24" (610mm), 36" (915mm). All sizes are manufactured as solid forgings. (Why Solid Forged)  Some companies manufacture them as a fabricated unit, but this usually requires two welds, which could produce a stress point causing the tool to fail when in use.  Please be aware that some companies OFFER 18", 24" & 36" sizes as 'EXTENDED' versions of the smaller sizes.  'EXTENDED'  means there is some form of mechanical extension, rather than a totally  'solid forged' Wheel Spanner.                                                                                                                                                 View our forging facilities here Our stock perforated sheet  here Standard and bespoke filters  more.... Valve Wheel Key in position Contact Details HERE VALVE WHEEL SPANNER / VALVE WHEEL KEY 8", 12", 18", 24", 36".  All sizes are SOLID FORGED Produced and stocked by: Robin J Green Ltd e-mail: